Notes Switch travel diagram
  Contact closed
  Contact open
  Setting range
  Break point
  Positive opening sequence/- angle
VS  adjustable range of NO contact
  adjustable range of NC contact
N   after travel
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Output expanders

SRB range output expanders serve for the secure evalution of Emergency Stop circuits to Stop Category 0 and 1 to EN 60204-1. Versions without delay fulfil Stop Category 0 to EN 60204-1 and serve to provide additional contacts.

Design and mode of operation:
Output expanders with adjustable delay fulfil Stop Category 1 to EN 60204-1 and are used in order to securely switch off variable speed drives, for example. Depending on the external circuit arrangement, it is possible to secure the guard device up to Control Category 4 to EN ISO 13849-1, see chapter 10.3. SRB range output expanders operate using conventional relay technology. The units have redunant circuit internal design. They are equipped with safety relays with monitored positive-guided contacts. The enabling paths comprise the relay contacts wired in series.