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[Schmersal LOGO]Datasheet - PH-COM4-ER-04
Safety light curtains, Safety light grids / Accessories / protective enclosure for Safety light grids and curtains / PH-COM4-ER-xx

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Ordering details
Product type descriptionPH-COM4-ER-04
Article number103026843
EAN Code
Global Properties
Product nameSchutzgehäuse IP69K
- Material of the housingsPolycarbonate
Weight SLC/SLG2.8 … 3.3 kg
Mechanical data
Design of electrical connectioncable gland fixed integrated
- Wiring of the transmitterconnector plug M12, 4-pole
- Wiring of the receiverconnector plug M12, 8-pole
Cable length10 m
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature
- Min. environmental temperature−10 °C
- Max. environmental temperature+50 °C
Storage and transport temperature
- Min. Storage and transport temperature−25 °C
- Max. Storage and transport temperature+70 °C
Protection classIP69K to IEC/EN 60529
- Durchmesser50 mm
- Durchmesser End plugs60 mm
- Height1370 … 1770 mm
Operating instructions (fr) 398 kB, 05.04.2019
Code: mrl_sh-ph-440_fr
Operating instructions (en) 396 kB, 07.05.2019
Code: mrl_sh-ph-440_en
Operating instructions (es) 403 kB, 28.03.2019
Code: mrl_sh-ph-440_es
Operating instructions (pt) 404 kB, 22.03.2019
Code: mrl_sh-ph-440_pt
Operating instructions (de) 373 kB, 07.05.2019
Code: mrl_sh-ph-440_de
Operating instructions (nl) 344 kB, 17.10.2019
Code: mrl_sh-ph-440_nl
Brochure (it) 2 MB, 01.03.2018
Code: b_optoshort_it
Brochure (pt) 2 MB, 26.10.2018
Code: b_optoshort_pt
Brochure (es) 2 MB, 23.10.2018
Code: b_optoshort_es
Brochure (fr) 2 MB, 20.11.2018
Code: b_optoshort_fr
Brochure (en) 2 MB, 23.10.2018
Code: b_optoshort_en
Brochure (pl) 2 MB, 20.02.2019
Code: b_optoshort_pl
Brochure (de) 2 MB, 22.10.2018
Code: b_optoshort_de
ECOLAB certification (de, en) 1 MB, 05.02.2019
Code: z_sh4p01
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